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When outsourcing is the desired approach, clients enlist our team for:

  • Virtual Producer Services
  • Virtual Facilitator Services
  • Instructional Design Services
  • Program Administration Services

Virtual Producer Services

When facilitators and trainers set foot in the virtual classroom, their responsibility is to ensure that the learning goals and leaning objectives of the program they have been assigned to deliver are met. This is a big job that requires their completed focus on the learners in the virtual room and the content they are there to deliver. Further dividing that focus to include the management of the classroom technology impairs the facilitator’s ability to fulfill their responsibility. This is where enlisting the support of a skilled virtual producer (also known as a host or moderator) is critical to a virtual learning program’s success. While it is clearly recognized the support of a virtual producer is vital, securing consistent and skilled resources internally to fulfill this role can be challenging. This is where Mondo Learning Solutions can help. Our virtual producers are available to handle a wide variety of duties and responsibilities before, during and after your learning session or event.

Virtual Facilitator Services

With virtual instructor-led training (vILT) programs growing rapidly, many organizations find themselves with increasing class schedule volumes but not enough skilled facilitators or trainers on staff to meet the demand. Working with your existing content, our team of experienced facilitators, skilled at engaging learners in the virtual classroom environment, are available to step in. As an outsourcing solution or a supplement to your existing team, our facilitators work closely with your team to come up to speed quickly on course curriculum and classroom platform tools to deliver classes seamlessly.

Program Administration Services

A virtual event, whether it is a training class, a webinar, or a large meeting, may only be an hour long, but much more time is involved with all that goes on behind the scenes. Oftentimes it’s the virtual learning team that is tasked with all the administrative details when their time is better spent on their primary design and delivery duties. Our team is available to step in and free up your precious talent resources by providing support with the following tasks:

  • Virtual classroom management
  • Session scheduling
  • Registration management
  • Delivery team resource allocation and recruitment
  • Post-session reporting
  • Course content and documentation updates

Instructional Design Services

Transitioning course content from the face-to-face classroom environment to the virtual instructor-led training environment is complicated and time consuming, from the needs analysis and evaluation of existing curriculum to the redesign and development process for the virtual course offering. And that’s just the start. Internal resources are often short on bandwidth or the expertise, maybe both. Whether from scratch or repurposing, our instructional designers design and develop instructional content to meet the unique needs of the virtual classroom learner. We support client’s design needs in a variety of ways. Let’s talk about your specific needs.

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