The Virtual Subject Matter Expert

Advanced skills for delivering training online.

The Challenge

Expertise is dispersed throughout organizations, not just within the learning & development team. Often these Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are called upon to present information, either in person or virtually, to support learning initiatives. Presenting information in front of a group in and of itself may be outside of a SMEs comfort zone. Add the element of delivering the information online, where faces can’t be seen and physical body language can’t be read, and the SMEs may feel the potential of being successful is well beyond their reach.

The Solution

The Virtual Subject Matter Expert is an interactive advanced-level workshop, delivered virtually, that builds the skills Subject Matter Experts need to facilitate virtual training sessions. Skills are introduced and practiced through a multi-step process during which participants work on their own real-life training material. SMEs receive extensive feedback and coaching as they learn how to create the conditions for a fruitful learning experience. Work focuses on the skills they need to:

  • Engage participants in the process.
  • Manage nervousness.
  • Set clear expectations and learning objectives.
  • Deliver slides designed for virtual delivery (even content prepared by others).
  • Be clear and concise.
  • Use virtual tools such as chat, hand raising, video, etc.
  • Encourage participation and control discussions.
  • Listen effectively and reserve judgment.
  • Connect dots and identify common themes.
  • Set up and debrief exercises including using virtual breakouts.
  • Work with co-trainers and a moderator.
  • Manage difficult people and situations.
  • Think on their feet.

The Virtual Subject Matter Expert includes reusable job aids and reference materials for applying what’s learned in the virtual class to situations learners face outside of it.

Who Should Attend?

This workshop is designed for Subject Matter Experts who have the additional responsibility of training. No experience in the training role or in presenting virtually is necessary.

What's Next?

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Our Story

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