Leading Virtual Meetings

Fundamental skills for first-time managers.

The Challenge

More and more new managers are leading teams of employees that are geographically disbursed. Whether the distance is a few hundred miles or a continent away, a manager new to their role will not only need to develop all the skills that being a manager of people requires, they also need to be effective at leading meetings that take place online.

The Solution

Leading Virtual Meetings is a foundation-level workshop, delivered virtually, that introduces participants to the skills necessary to lead effective remote meetings. Skills and techniques are introduced and practiced through a multi-step, interactive process. By working on their own real-life meeting, participants learn how to create the conditions for a fruitful meeting and:

  • Streamline meeting preparation.
  • Engage participants in the process.
  • Manage nervousness.
  • Set clear context and expectations.
  • Lay out (and stick to) a logical agenda.
  • Listen and respond respectfully.
  • Encourage and control discussions.
  • Close the meeting.

Leading Virtual Meetings includes 3-months access to eCoach as well as reusable job aids and reference materials. These materials will help participants apply what they learned in the training session to situations they face outside of it.

Who Should Attend

This workshop is designed for first-time managers with little experience running meetings of any kind.

What's Next?

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Our Story

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