Fostering Team Collaboration in the Virtual World

Online meetings done right.

The Challenge

As the geographical borders of our workplace landscape disappear, more and more experienced managers find themselves responsible for teams that are disbursed all over the country, if not all over the world. Where team members are located may be different but the productivity expectations and demand for results remain the same. Part of the manager’s skill set for success going forward in this environment is the ability to effectively facilitate collaborative team meetings online.

The Solution

Fostering Team Collaboration in the Virtual World is an advanced-level workshop, delivered virtually, that builds the skills experienced managers need to facilitate collaborative team meetings online. Skills are introduced and practiced through an interactive, multi-step process during which participants work on their own real-life meeting. Participants receive extensive feedback and coaching as they learn to create the conditions for a fruitful meeting and:

  • Streamline meeting preparation.
  • Engage participants in the process.
  • Set clear context and expectations.
  • Create slides for effective virtual delivery.
  • Be clear and concise when presenting information.
  • Lay out (and stick to) a logical agenda.
  • Listen and respond respectfully.
  • Think on their feet.
  • Encourage and control discussions.
  • Give ownership of meeting content to others.
  • Manage difficult people and situations.
  • Use virtual tools such as chat, hand raising, video, etc.
  • Close the meeting by setting next steps and assigning responsibilities.

Fostering Team Collaboration in the Virtual World includes reusable job aids and reference materials for applying what’s learned in class to situations learners face outside of it.

Who Should Attend

This workshop is designed for experienced managers with remote teams who need to foster team collaboration in the virtual meeting space.

What's Next?

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Our Story

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